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AADR is now open from 11am to 4pm every day except Mondays & Tuesdays. Visits are by strict appointment only - please call prior to visiting.

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You will see some fabulous new photography of our dogs appearing on this site and our Facebook page, Please check out the dogs that are available by going to our "For Adoption" tab at the top of this page or by clicking on the button below.


We now feature a select few of our dogs on a special page. They may have been with us a while and are being seriously overlooked through no fault of their own or they may be older or have medical needs. It may be that they are none of the above, just that they are a fond favourite of our team and we want to feature them in the hope that you will fall in love with them as we have!



AADR is primarily an English rescue saving English dogs from being put to sleep at the pound, or those which have been surrendered to us privately.


However, due to the suffering and welfare issues of dogs in Spain and Romania we have agreed to help a few dogs where we can. This we do on a charitable basis as the costs to care for and transport them here - approx £350-450 per dog - exceed our adoption fee of £275.  


Our priority has always been, and will remain, the welfare of English dogs, but we cannot ignore the suffering of Romanian and Spanish dogs when we are in a position to help. 


By phone & email only:

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All visits are strictly by appointment only.

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We wanted to give you an idea of the true costs of bringing a Spanish rescue dog to the UK as we are often asked how much it costs in relation to the adoption fee we charge.

We are also frequently asked by our supporters if they can contribute towards sponsoring a Spanish dog for travel so this will give an idea of what the dogs need.

As always we thank everyone for their support. With your help these dogs have a future they wouldn't otherwise have.

If anyone wishes to sponsor a Spanish dog for travel a donation can be made by PayPal to:




“Maya needs an experienced home who can deal with & work with her blindness .. Only confident teens or adults around due to her being still nippy as a puppy and also using her mouth to feel. Ideally to have another confident but chilled dog around to show her the ropes & proper behaviour, she loves playing with other dogs. She's a really sweet girl once she gets to know you, but is still a bit nippy on your legs when she's excited. She still spins a lot especially when she's excited she gets faster this is because she was shut 24/7 in a crate the first four months of her life, but she answers to her name & then I tap where I want her to go & she follows the noise, saying "Maya follow", she's very clever at finding out where the noise is coming from & will follow you if whistling or doing the kiss noise lol.. She's proper food obsessed I use a slow feeder bowl as she is very fast when eating, she's also slightly food aggressive & will growl when near her bowl to the point where she'd snap if provoked.. She's so good in her crate, & will stay clean overnight, She goes in there about 10pm & she settles quickly & will sleep soundly all night.. She now goes up the stairs on her own & will take herself off to the bed She can't get back down the stairs yet though so has to be carried down lol, although she knows where the stairs are due to the difference in the flooring She was also very quick at picking up where everything is in the house within a day, including water bowl, & can get around really easily, you wouldn’t know she was blind. She's such a cuddly sweet girl but I think needs to go to an experienced home & not someone who feels sorry for her as she can be a handful but is only a pup & she's a quick learner..and loves humans”. Maya is 6 months old.  



If you are interested in offering Maya a home, please download our Homing Questionnaire on this link: and return it by email to: Alternatively please email for further information. Click on her photo above to see more photographs of Maya on our Facebook page.

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