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Animal Angels Veterinary Clinic
(AA Dog Rescue)

"As we are sure you are all aware, veterinary costs are spiralling out of control and it seems that to get your pet treated is costing more than human health care!!

Being passionate about animals and knowing the importance of what animals mean in our lives, we have over the last couple of months decided that, instead of sitting back and just watching as people are having to give up their animals because they simply cannot afford the vet care, we would set up a non profit veterinary clinic in Essex UK.

We have an amazing premises in Latchingdon, Essex that is just being finished with specialised flooring and walls by builders, and any profits will be used to help rescue dogs and people who are unable to afford operations for their pets (proof will be required). We will be open to the public, at first by appointment only.

We are fortunate enough to have some amazing experienced vets on board who are likeminded in wanting to go back to the ‘old days of vetting’ where the animal comes first!

Pictures of our new clinic will be posted soon.

We aim to offer veterinary services at greatly reduced cost in comparison to high street vets! Our services will include surgeries, dentals, vaccinations, blood testing, consults & prescriptions. NB we are not able to offer emergency assistance at present.

We will also be offering an Annual Pet Health Plan for dogs & cats at £30 a month which will cover flea & wormers, vaccinations, kennel cough, a dental, 15% off the cost if surgery, free vet consults and blood and urine test at reduced rates (please email for full details).

Please email to sign up to our Annual Pet Health Plan or to be added to our vets list for an appointment upon opening".

Charley & Sharon


(AA Dog Rescue)

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